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    by Published on 19-05-2014 12:15 AM  Number of Views: 530 
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    A few days ago I looked at the stock on my Gd 1 MK38 and thought "there is still varnish on this". The reason this was a surprise to me was that I thought I had already removed the varnish and oiled the stock and fore-end a couple of months ago.

    It turns out I had only taken the slightest amount of varnish off and then oiled over the top.

    This is how it ended up with the varnish still on and oil on top of it

    So, feeling brave, I went a bought fresh stock of Nitromors (with the active ingredient) and stripped the gun down.

    I took the ISIS off the back and the action off the stock, followed by the ironwork from the fore-end leaving me with the 2 pieces of wood and no metal in sight.

    Now the scary bit, or so it seemed at the time. In hindsight I had nothing to worry about.

    Using an old paintbrush I blathered the wood with the Nitromors, and waited the prescribed 20 minutes or so, topping up as it dried.
    by Published on 03-04-2014 12:03 AM  Number of Views: 4166 
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    Well folks, it's that time of year again, when we strap on our cloth caps and whippets (well at least the Yorkies do), and our shotguns, and head out to a nominated shooting ground either side of the Pennines to engage in mortal comedy between the Houses of Lancaster and York - hereinafter referred to as, The Smashing Clays 'War of the Roses' charity shoot.

    Here are the main details for this year's event at Marne SG, at Catterick.

    Whilst ostensibly the event began life as a cod-Plantagenet game of one-upmanship over a pint (Lancashire vs Yorkshire), it's now open to all-comers.
    by Published on 26-01-2014 11:29 AM  Number of Views: 693 

    In a word, "yes"! Recoil affects all shooters in different ways; some say they donít feel any, others say they are always getting bumped and bruised. So letís investigate recoil and its forms, and how it affects us as shooters.

    We all get recoil when we shoot. It's part of shooting a shotgun,although some of us have problems, and some donít. There are two types of recoil that are problems in the here and now:

    ē Real recoil: The bump that we feel.
    ē Perceived recoil: The recoil we think we are going to get from a shot.

    Real recoil is easier to cure but first we need to find the culprit among the things that are causing us to feel recoil. The first thing that everyone jumps at is the cartridge. It may be part of the problem but, usually, itís got more to do with the gun than people think.

    Which part of the body is getting bumped, is it the face, the shoulder or chest area, or hand fatigue. It may even be an out of control gun on the second shot. All these are stock problems and are easily sorted, more or less.

    Pitch makes a dramatic difference - if you are getting slammed in the face a lot, it can be too much negative pitch. If the gun is jumping around in your shoulder, too much positive pitch. Both these are easily sorted with a wedge as a temporary measure.
    by Published on 29-10-2013 09:39 PM  Number of Views: 2888 

    You may be forgiven for not immediately thinking of Bernardelli as familiar make of shotgun in the UK Ė but all that may well be about to change. We recently had a chance to test fire a couple of Bernardelliís offerings, courtesy of John Webster, owner of the Norgas Cartridge Company in St Helens. Norgas have recently become the sole importers of the Italian made Vincentzo Bernardelli range of shotguns and is incredibly enthusiastic about the impact they are about to have on the UK clay pigeon scene.

    The gun we are testing here is the Regina Nichel 12 Gauge semi automatic which comes with a strikingly engraved silver anodized receiver, sat in a sturdy, oil-polished walnut stock. This model is aimed squarely at the game market but, with 30Ē barrels an option, would not be out of place on any sporting layout.
    Technical Information

    The action is gas operated and is chambered up to 3Ē cartridges with a non-FAC 2(+1) capacity or FAC 4(+1) options available. There are a choice of barrel lengths from 24Ē through to 30Ē so this gun will suit all sizes and preferences. The stock has a rubber butt-pad to prevent slipping when in the shoulder and comes with a range of shims to adjust the drop to your preference. The overall weight of the gun is 6.83lbs (26Ē barrel option). It comes presented in a solid ABS carry case with an option to upgrade to an ABS case to hold two barrels. The gun comes with a range of Gemini chokes from cylinder through to full.
    by Published on 05-09-2013 06:36 PM  Number of Views: 432 

    RC Cartridges, Simply Superior

    Henry SF Nachaj

    I have been shooting RC on and off while in Europe and Africa, since when I discovered the shells in 2000. Whenever they are available at an event, I use them. They always seemed very consistent both in recoil and hits. At the 2011 World FITASC Sporting in Orville, I managed to get a few boxes of the new RC Red Black Comfort and RC Red Supernik. They performed very well. They performed so well for young Canadian Shawn Stitt, that he used them throughout the event and finished 4th in Junior at the event and 2nd Junior for the World Cup!

    RC is a very well know cartridge for Olympic Skeet and Trap as between 60 and 65% of cartridges shot at ISSF events are, RC. They are also well received by many European FITASC shooters. Recently, they have added RC Special Service which gives Shooters and Shooting Federations the opportunity to reserve the cartridges they wish to shoot at a major event, without bringing any ammunition by plane. ...
    by Published on 25-08-2013 07:45 PM  Number of Views: 444 

    Following Andy Hayhurst's excellent charity shoot at Crabtree Clay Shoot at Lupton in June, I wanted to copy up one of the media articles that covered the event. I think Andy has done an excellent job that resulted in a very positive media piece about shooting. Andy has been a competitive shooter for over 20 years, representing Great Britain as a trap shooter, and is a great proponent of all shotgun disciplines. He is currently working with Crabtree in helping them plan and implement their new trap layouts to be opened later this year. ...
    by Published on 10-07-2013 08:30 PM  Number of Views: 1352 

    A combination of tenacity, hard work and investment in the ground prove the right mix for Mickley Hall Shooting School.

    Father and son team, John and Scott Barnett, have a number of good reasons to feel positive about the future. Not only did John win back his DTL England Team badge at the recent, Beretta-sponsored English Open at the Bywell Weekend, winning a shoot-off with a score of 100/299, but he and his sonís love of the trap discipline has seen them install a top-of-the-line layout at the ground.

    Although Johnís understandably pleased to be back in the England DTL Team, many seasoned shooters will know that this isnít the first time heís had the honour of wearing the England badge at DTL: indeed, his previous stints in the national team saw him shooting for country at a number of disciplines Ė English Sporting (1988), DTL (1999), and Team GB for Double Trap (in the early 2000s). In addition to this, John won the 2007 Double Rise event at that yearís Bywell Weekend.

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